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Muhammed Cetin
Muhammed Cetin

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How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Insider Preview?

Microsoft released the first insider preview of Windows 11 today. You can see its full name with version number below.

Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 (co_release)
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You can also get more information Windows 11 Insider Preview and its features, follow this link and deep-dive the article 😉

In this tutorial, I'll explain how to upgrade your current Windows to Windows 11 without any effort 😊

  1. First of all, you need to be a Windows Insider. In other words, you need to become a volunteer tester of Microsoft for Windows 11 and other Windows updates. If you're not, go to this article and follow all steps there. Then, you'll be able to get Windows 11 now.
    Windows 11 Insider

  2. After restarting your PC, type "Windows Update" on Start Menu and click on Check for Updates.
    Finding Check for Updates tool

  3. Click on the Check for Updates button.

  4. Windows Update will be start downloading Windows 11 if your PC can run it.
    Windows 11 Insider Preview Downloading

  5. After the update is downloaded, Windows Update will start installing it.
    Windows 11 Insider Preview Installing

  6. Then you'll see the Windows 11 Update window saying "Making sure you're ready to install". Please, wait.
    Making sure you're ready to install Windows 11

  7. In this stage, Windows 11 installation might freeze at 35% or 85% of the process with a blank page like the image below. Don't worry! I've faced the same error and have been able to fix it. Finally, I have Windows 11 now 😊 If you're in the same trouble, go to this ultimate solution guide, then continue from here.

  8. After waiting enough, Windows 11 installation will be finished. Now, restart your computer.
    Restart computer

  9. In this stage, Windows 11 Update will install everything before starting your PC. It might take about 30 minutes, depending on your hardware configuration. Please wait.
    Working on Windows 11 Updates

  10. Windows 11 has been installed successfully. Congratulations 👏
    Windows 11 Settings and Stat Menu

Download Windows 11 ISO

Microsoft has not released the ISO files of Windows 11 yet. However, we can download the official Windows 11 ISO from Windows Update servers by using some tricks.

If you need to Windows 11 ISO, please follow the link below to be able to download it.

Download Windows 11 ISO


  1. Will my files, settings and apps on my current Windows be keeped?

    Yes, if there will be no mishap or incompatibility during installation, Windows 11 will protect all your data by default.

  2. Is this update official?

    Yes, of course. Do not confuse this update with the leaked one.

  3. Can I get all future Windows 11 Updates?

    Yes, you can.

  4. Is Windows 11 Update free?

    If you have an original Windows license, it is free. If you don't have it, you need to buy a Windows 10 license first.


If you have not encountered any error and could install Windows 11 successfully, now you're a Windows 11 insider. As a Windows 11 Community, we're waiting for your questions, guides, and stories about it.

Click the Create account button and have a Windows11.DEV account in a minute, then feel free to ask for help or share your ideas about Windows 11 here.

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