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little fooch
little fooch

Posted on • Updated on

Thunderbolt Networking fails on 21H2 20020.132

Thunderbolt Networking is a key capability of Thunderbolt 3 design (as per Intel)

Not working in Win 11 (really hasn't worked in Windows 10 since 1803)

More info in the image details to Feedback Hub attached.

Need MS to acknowledge and address this capability gap. If not, state that Windows doesn't provide for Thunderbolt Networking beyond a simple two computer TB connection.

Thunderbolt Networking is more than just attaching two Thunderbolt 3 machines together by a TB3 cable.

See the Intel pub from circa 2014: "Thunderbolt™ Networking Bridging and Routing Instructional White Paper", ergo , building a peer to peer high speed LAN using Thunderbolt.

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