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Michael Hartmann
Michael Hartmann

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Windows S mode needed for free upgrade to Windows 11???

My computer says it is compatible with Windows 11. Read somewhere that in order to get a FREE upgrade to Windows 11 you have to have Windows 10 in the "S" mode. As far as I can tell mine is NOT in "S" mode.
Don't think I want it in S mode if it only means I can run programs from the Microsoft windows store.
Does this mean I'm out of luck on the free upgrade?

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Muhammed Cetin

There is no this kind of requirement. My Windows version was Windows 10 PRO before upgrading it to Windows 11, and I haven't needed to turn my Windows 10 into any mode like S mode or something like that. Can you send your About screen's ss?

Start Menu > Type "About" > Click on About your PC.

Please make sure that your Product Key has been hidden on the screenshot.