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Rhonda Rodriguez
Rhonda Rodriguez

Posted on • Updated on

Windows 11 update stuck at 35%?

I use Windows 10. I was trying to upgrade my computer to the trial version of Windows 11, but after the download was complete, this problem occurred during the installation. When the installation reaches the full 35% stage, an empty What needs your attention screen appears and it stuck at 35 percent.

I canceled the installation and restarted, but my problem was not solved.

What can I do to solve this error?

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ce7in profile image
Muhammed Cetin • Edited on

Actually, I've created an ultimate tutorial to solve this error. Yes, its title is different but they are the same.

Can you solve your error by following the steps in this tutorial:

How to Fix "What Needs Your Attention" Error when Installing Windows 11?

rhondriguez profile image
Rhonda Rodriguez Author

I had seen this but thought it was a general solution. I thought maybe I need something special as my installation freezes at exactly 35%. I will try it in a few minutes. If it works, I will inform you.

Thank you.